What is this site?

This site is an experiment in a static HTML blog. The process starts with the editor that allows me to write a simple text article with a header image. There's no image on this article because I couldn't think of one that would apply. It might help if I had a shutterstock account.

In any case, the editor will take the textarea input and generate out an entire static HTML page that is saved directly onto the server's filesystem.

Subsequent reads actually scan the filesystem itself and don't just serve up the static HTML, but read it, parse it, and present the bits in whatever format the viewer is configured to use.

It's really just an experiment in developing a database-less blog.

This Needs Some Work

Site Back Up

The site has been jacked up for a while because I moved it to a new server and had to rewrite the apache conf file.

Turns out, I forgot to set the Document Root. So that's fixed now...